Sunday, January 11, 2009

Swamp Fox Passage of the Palmetto Trail

I have been wanting to ride more of the Palmetto Trail ever since I read about the "famous" Swamp Fox. I have been itching to do a little micro-exploration and it seems Justin Fisher was on the same wavelength. We had previously ridden the lower section from Hwy 17 to Buck Hall which is an endpoint to the Palmetto trail. He has been really chomping at the bit to do this ride since we both read about Trek Bike Shop's very own David Hall riding it a few months back. It seems that was the catalyst. A little back n forth texting and we were up early and on our way to do a little adventure riding...The trail is loopy, swoopy and bumpy in spots. Lots of mud, lots of great bridge crossings, beautiful swamp scenery, tricky log rides with some fun rooty singletrack, even some nice rock crossings thrown in...I was impressed and look forward to doing it again very soon!

  • Distance covered: 29.5 miles.

  • Time: 2:55:38s

  • Avg Speed: 11mph

  • Weather: Light Rain, hazy, 60-65degrees

We started from Quenby Creek and Rode all the way up to Canal recreation area....right under 30 miles end to end...but they are some tricky miles....but for the most part fun, fun , fun...

Photos available here: Palmetto Trail

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