Friday, August 21, 2009

Daniel Island 5k finale...

Since I had just ridden a pretty tough race on Saturday, I was just not feeling like running on Thursday, so instead of just quitting altogether, I decided to do something much cooler... I actually paced Marsha through her last 5k run and I believe I helped her gain 2 minutes on her previous times...It was a nice pace for myself and a bit more pressure for Marsha. Overall, it was a good decision for myself as the running helped shake out my legs and keep my heartrate from surging too much. It was a great experience to wrap up the series running along with "wifey" since she is really the reason I am even running in the first place...So, our first 5k series is wrapped up and we are already looking forward to a few more of these little runs, maybe even a 10k in the future....I, myself, have found my stride and feel much more comfortable running and will continue doing so in order to fulfill my cross-training requirements as well as enjoy the simple peace of mind that running gives a person...

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  1. Heidi and I just finished week 6 of the Couch to 5k tranning program. I did a 25 min. run today! I am itching to run in a race. There is a Brest cancer awarness race on Daniel Isand in October that I am pretty sure we are going to run in. We might even try to make a small team if you are intrested.

    I look forward to seeing you guys a few races in the next couple of months.