Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ORAMM 2010

I guess I could blame it on the ridiculous heat, the fact that I haven't been riding quite as much as I was a few months back, or I could just chalk it up to pure lack of motivation to actually race my bike through 62 miles of some of the toughest backcountry Pisgah has to offer... or maybe it was my 32/20 gearing choice, or maybe it was because I chose to wear a CamelBak this year, or maybe....meh.  Too many excuses!

Regardless, let me finish up this draft post with some information for my own reflectance to never let me be in this position again, if I can help it.  I came into the race with some gastrointestinal issues which plagued me for most of the weekend and left me very dehydrated.  I also was not mentally prepared this year for the heat onslaught experienced (115 degree index).  This combination of factors made the latter part of the race quite uncomfortable for me and I was no longer having fun, so I decided to exit the race after logging in around 42miles and reailzing I still had 20 more of the harder miles left to go.  I still think it was a good decision as I heard there was a massive rainstorm upon my expected arrival time which would have made my suffering even greater.  Kudos to those who finished!  I was stoked to see so many familiar faces racing at stronger levels than before.  Congratulations to the CBC bike team guys for enduring their first ORAMM, hope to see you guys at next year's race!  

Next stop, Swank 65...

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