Monday, July 20, 2009

Daniel Island 5k results...

I got 43rd out of about 160 in my first 5k run series. I ran it in 22:00mins. There were some really fast people out that day! I have 3 more races to do in the series to best that position and time. I think I can do better. I just did not know what to think that first time out. Running in a series race event is much different than just running around the block for a few miles. The race left my body pretty weak and hurting all over, but my recovery is still pretty good and I was able to pre-ride a race course up in the mountains a few days later with a decent results expectation. As with everything, learning just never ends...


  1. Congrats. When I was running back in high school I averages 20 min flat for my 5K's. By far not a great time but not to bad either. I always had fun and that is what it was about. Hoping I can get back into running shape. Tonight I am back at it again with the start of week 3 of the couch to 5K program.

  2. sweet, keep me posted on the progress Andre! Cheers!