Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pumas Final Match...

I must say after seeing my girls play their hearts out on Thursday against the Cougars, I was very optimistic about next season.  They played with such passion and fierce desire to prove they are learning, that I was able to stop "coaching" for a little while and just watch the great game unfold.  Yes, they did not win, and the odds were stacked against them, but that REALLY did not matter in this match.  What mattered was that they completed every basic and intermediate play that is vital for developmental soccer.  Defending was outstanding, offense was actually moving the ball downfield, and the attackers really figured out where to go without my constant "coaching" from the sidelines....too much fun to watch!  After not seeing that "spark" most of the season, I am glad I was able to witness it once before waiting out winter and starting up again in spring.

Gooooo PUMAS!

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