Monday, February 23, 2009

12 Hours of Santos

Ever have one of those moments where you just wanna ride your bike all day long? I was some fun!

I recently made a last minute decision to go down to Florida to ride in the 12 Hours of Santos. Dave Hall from the Trek Bike Shop had mentioned riding along to this event sometime back, but I kept it in the back of my mind since I did not feel ready for a main event so early in the season. I entered the 6 hour event since I had never raced this format before and was curious about the entire endurance race thing in general. Turns out 6 hours was more than enough for me...This was one heck of a fun race! The trail itself was tough and unforgiving. Not a lot of climbing, just harsh rough twisties and fast rolling flats....The Vortex is the place where the pain started and the Twister is the place where you tend to forget about the pain you just endured and just floated along singing a song...until you return to the Vortex again and again for the next 6 hours! There was quite a large turnout, much like a music festival or something...lots of partying going on. Lots of positive attitudes...Lots and Lots of COOL bikes man! Everywhere, bike-porn eyecandy! IT was great! Anyways...the night prior to the event, the weather decided to mess with us by dropping down into the teens...not cool...nasty cold weather on the first night made for tired souls on the morning of the big event...regardless, this is an event everyone must try at least once to really find their tipping point...Santos is a trail system which must be visited just to check it is truly a work of art...

so to recap: camping, seemingly endless bike riding, beer, good friends, campfire, more beer and steaks!

Along for the ride with Dave were Adam DeWitt and Justin Fisher(who met us there).

  • Congratulations to Dave Hall who finished 1st overall in the 12 hour Solo Singlespeed class and 5th overall. WOW!

  • Congratulations also to Justin Fisher who finished 9th overall in the 6 hour solo Elite class! Impressive first time Justin!!

  • Cheers to Joel Watson who managed to simply finish the 6 hour event ....

  • Kudos to Adam Dewitt for attempting the 12 hour event...impressive times Adam!!!

Santos Results Posted here:

We all had a great time and I personally plan on attending next year!


Pictures available here: